Terms and Conditions


Please read carefully and sign the Declaration on the Application Form

Membership Requirements
1. To use our rental space service, you must;

• Read, and agree to the “Terms and Conditions”

• Complete and sign the “Membership Registration Form”

• Provide items for display and sale.

• Pay first space fee.

2. First space fee is for 1month (from the 1st to the last day in the month). Gallery will be open from 1 October 2010, at Mill Lane (opposite Subway), Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Just off the Main Street with excellent parking facilities.

3. We always reserve the right to not accept membership application.

4. Gallery reserves the right to cancel your membership. If we exercise this right we will refund any unused portion of your contract fee.

5. For security reasons, only the person who applied as a member can display and withdraw your items for sales and receive money from the sales of your items. If you send someone else, please let us know in advance.

6. If you share the space with other people, please register one member as the primary contact person for sales reports and accounts.

Items for display/sale

1. All items provided by members for display and sale will be listed at the sole discretion of Gallery.

2. Items for display and sale must be hand-made, original designed art and craft works or, fashion items.

3. Any items other than the above must be approved by The Mood Gallery prior to display or listing. (e.g. Items relevant to the sale items, packages or accessories)

4. We do not accept items such as

• Second hand items

• Mass produced, manufactured items

• Dangerous items, defective, faulty items

• Items with a false description

• Items clearly considered as copying of other items

• Items with discriminatory or offensive expressions

• Items that affect other display items or display space

• Other items judged as inappropriate for this shop.


1. The renting of space is on a monthly basis, starting from 1st of each month and ending on the end of the month.

2. Payment can be made by cash, bank deposit, Visa, Laser, PayPal and cheque.

3. Rental space fees must be paid in advance. We do not deduct rental space fees from sales for accounting reasons.

4. If you wish to renew your rental space contract for a further month, your renewal space fee must be paid on or, before 25th of the current month. If payment is unable to be made by 25th of the month, please contact us and inform us of your intention. Otherwise you may lose the right to use the same rental space.

5. If you wish to terminate your space contract, please give us notice on or before 25th of the month. If we do not receive notification of your termination by 25th of the month, we will charge you the renewal space fee for the next month.

6. If we do not receive either a space fee payment or termination notice, we will retain any sales receipts until all rental space fees are paid.

7. If we do not receive either your rental space fee payment or have been unable to contact you for more than four (4) weeks, we may terminate your space contract.

8. Refunds will not be given for cancellation within a contract period or should your items be withdrawn for sale and display during a contract period for any reason.

9. After contract termination, you must withdraw your items from display within seven (7) days of the contract termination date. If you are unable to remove your items within this period, we will remove the items and keep them in storage for up to ninety (90) days. After this period, if you have not contacted us and have not picked up the items, the items may be liquidated by The Mood Gallery.

10. Space rental fees and sales commissions are subject to change. Members will be informed of any respective changes one (1) month prior to effecting a change.

Payment of items sales

1. The sales total of your items sold within a month, is calculated at the end of each month. This amount is paid in first week of the following month less The Mood Gallery commissions.

2. We makes payments by cheque or bank transwer.

3. If you have provided us with incorrect bank details or, we have been unable to process a cheque and as a result have incurred a fee or penalty by the bank, we will charge you amount of that fee or penalty.

4. Income Tax and Vat for sales proceeds are your responsibility.

Displaying of items

1. A member may display their items in their allocated space with our staff’s assistance. After completing the initial display of items, a staff person will check the display.

2. Price tags must be completed with your membership ID, item number and price. Each item must have a price tag.

3. Please use your own display tools and materials. (e.g. Stands, containers)

4. Do not damage the display shelf, cabinet walls floors and other display areas. Do not use push pins, nails, and other things may damage the display spaces. You must not color the display areas with paint. If you damage the shop or equipment, compensation will be sought from you for this damage.

5. Your display should not hide other display items and should not overhang outside your allocated space so as to cause and obstacle to public passage.

6. You are allowed to display your business card, contact details, photo, flyer, and other advertising items in the space provided. Advertising should relate to the display items. If we deem your ads inappropriate for the public or our business, we retain the right to disallow the display of the material.

7. We do not charge sales commissions resulting from direct trading between you and your clients from your advertising material.

8. We may change your display layout at our discretion.

9. If you wish to change or add to your display items, or change the price of the items during the contract period, you must do it with the assistance of our staff.

10. You can not change the display location during the contract period without our agreement.

11. A part of your display items may be shifted to public display areas or vacant spaces by our judgment.

12. The number and location of display shelves, cabinets are subject to change.

13. We prepare basic wrapping for your items, such as bags and paper. If you need extra wrapping for particular items, please bring your own wrapping and tell our staff.

14. We may put your items and information in our website. If you do not wish to do that, please let us know in advance.

Compensation for lost, stolen or damaged items

1. To cover your items for loss due to theft, burglary or damage, you must purchase insurance.

2. If you do not pay for insurance, your items are not covered for any compensation.

The Mood Gallery business hours

Mon- Sat: from 10 am to 6pm

Last Sunday every month: from 9am to 3pm

1. Business hours are subject to change.

2. If we open on public holidays, we take substitute holidays. Actual opening business hours on public holidays may vary at our discretion. Please inquire close to the public holiday concerned for the actual opening hours.

3. If the shop is not open due to staff illness or other private matters, we will open on substitute hours or days, or refund your space rental amount.

4. We take no responsibility if the shop is closed due to a matter that is not in our control.

Changes to Terms and conditions

1. The above “Terms and Conditions” are subject to change.

2. Where there is a change in these Terms and Conditions we will inform members by giving notice as soon as practicable.